How to Draw

The Beginner's Guide


Here's the truth: drawing is hard. It's perfectly normal to struggle with it. And the internet is full of conflicting advice on the matter, making it even more confusing.

I wrote this guide to help those who really want to learn how to draw.

I wrote this to convince you that it's that it's never too late to learn how to draw.

How to Use This Guide

You could just watch all the videos and then leave, picking up a few tips and improving marginally... but maybe you're tired of not making progress.

To get the most out of this guide, you should read it from start to finish, take notes, and apply what you're learning as you go. There are exercise sheets after every video to help solidify all the concepts. Use them.

Finally, you can bookmark this guide and come back to it for reference as needed. Take your time with the exercises, this page isn't going anywhere.

What This Guide Contains

There are 5 sections with the following goals:

1. Introduction

Before we begin, you need to know why much of the drawing advice out there doesn't seem to help.

You'll also pick up a fail-proof strategy to succeed at drawing, and learn about three common mistakes you should avoid.

2. The Big Picture

Now let's break drawing down to understand it better. The Drawing Molecule and the PVM Chain are two ways of representing drawing that make it easier to understand.

We will build on these concepts in the next two videos. Make sure to do the benchmark exercise, as it will provide you with a powerful before and after.

WorksheetGo to Worksheet #1

3. Line, Shape, Value

Learning to "see" is a matter of training your ability to perceive the components that make up your own field of vision.

Watch this video to see how, then develop your ability using the worksheet below.

WorksheetGo to Worksheet #2

4. Iteration

The method you use is just as important as your skill in producing an accurate drawing.

This is a critical drawing insight.

After practicing the method you learn in this video, redraw your benchmark drawing to see the difference.

WorksheetGo to Worksheet #3

5. Five Ways to Draw Better, Faster

If you've followed along and done all of the exercises, you probably think about drawing differently now.

Let me share with you some strategies you can use to take everything you learn about drawing and improve faster.

WorksheetGo to Worksheet #4

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